Personal References

Rick and Carolyn were looking for a summer away from their hot life in Florida, and they found a life changing experience in coming to the other corner of the United States, the Pacific Northwest.

We met these lovely people through, and were able to interview them through Skype, before realizing that they could be the perfect match for our home. And perfect they were.

We came back after three months away to find our house in perfect condition, our garden was thriving and our cats were happy. The house was clean, and peppered with little bouquets of flowers! Carolyn and Rick were able to reorganize themselves comfortably in our house, and were so comfortable in fact, that they didn’t really want to leave! We could have had them house sit forever if we hadn’t have to come back to our own obligations.

We highly recommend Rick and Carolyn Drazien as capable and responsible house sitters. They made friends with neighbors, and everyone thought that they were great. It was lovely for us to come back to our home in perfect shape, with treats in the refrigerator, and the thought that yes, we could still trust complete strangers in this world. Thank you for providing such opportunities for worldly exchanges.

Anne and Roger Griffith


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