Our Experience in House Sitting

House with a view

House with a view (Photo credit: keppet)

For over twenty years, my husband and I have had the privilege to experience occupying and lovingly maintaining many homes. As an Interior Designer, it was a natural progression to continue my passion for houses, through Home Staging and House Sitting. My husband,  a Marketing and Communications Consultant and writer/author,  has just completed and published his second book, “No One Ever Told Me… the best kept secret in America”.  House Sitting , though not for everyone, is a wonderful way to experience new areas, meet interesting people, enjoy different communities and social settings,  and  enjoy  the challenge to adapt your new temporary home  to fit your needs. If  you also have the freedom to move about untethered by obligations and responsibilities it becomes a very meaningful experience. Our House Sitting  in New England, near Amherst, Massachusetts, offered us the opportunity to experience the beauty of winter. We  completed this assignment the end of April  and returned to house sit for the house we cared for last year in Bellingham, Washington. We extended our stay to experience the winter in Washington and stay through the summer.

We are returning to Jacksonville, Florida to be with our family and friends and plan to make this our home. We will consider house sitting perhaps the summer of 2015.


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